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If you are receiving "prank calls" or "hang up calls" and your Caller ID only says "Out of Area" or "Call Blocked" we can help.

Stop Harassing Phone Calls

We will remotely connect our phone system to your phone service and identify every incoming call you tag as the harasser.

This investigation is ideal for Identifying:

  • Harassing Callers
  • Stalkers
  • The "other person" in an affair
  • Kids' friends, boyfriends/girlfriends

  • $850 (per month + 10 cents per minute)

    The order form below is for you to enter the email address where you would like your instant email notification of every call to be sent and the phone number you would like your trap line number to ring to.
    The number you are forwarding from CANNOT be the same number you are ringing to.

    Price: $850.00