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Perhaps your question can be answered if you review the EmailRevealer.com FAQ

Q: Can you identify or locate an email if its an anonymous account like:
Hotmail.com , Gmail.com, Yahoo.com, AOL.com etc?

A:Yes. Even if it is a free anonymous email account EmailRevealer.com can still identify or locate the sender. Our investigators have been locating and identifying bail jumpers, run aways and prank telephone callers for years. Even before Email was in popular use. We have developed techniques to identify and locate people from very little identifying information.

Q: What if the information they used to open the account is fictitious?

A: We assume the information used to open the account is fictitious. We do not even look at that. Our investigation will return a report about the actual information of the actual sender of the email. Not the false information they entered when opening the account.

Q: Are your email tracing investigations limited to the USA or are you able to trace emails internationally?

A: Yes EmailRevealer.com can trace Emails that originate or terminate in other countries. We have conducted successful email investigations involving every continent around the world.

Q: I don't know how to obtain the headers. What do I do?

A:You can use the "How to obtain header information" instructions to obtain the headers but even if you can't just fill out the form and we will be in touch to help you obtain the headers. Many times we can obtain the headers for you.

Q: Your service says no hit no fee. Will my credit card be charged when I place the order?

A: Yes. You will be charged as you place the order. If we cannot obtain the information to return your report we will reverse the transaction.

Q: What exactly does "No Hit No Fee" mean ?

A: When a NO HIT/NO FEE DISCLOSURE is posted - that means exactly that should NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER be able to be obtained on a SUBJECT - then NO FEE WILL BE CHARGED for the Search.

Q: I don't have all the information to completely fill out the order form. Can I fill it out partially?

A: You you can fill out the order forms with the information you know and we can attempt to locate the rest of the information for you. i.e.: Headers, SS# but this is not covered under a flat fee search and is not covered under the No Hit No Fee policy.

Q: Can I change or cancel my order once submitted?

A: Orders placed online are processed immediately. It is therefore impossible to cancel an online order once submitted and the credit card has been approved. You may need to place a new order with the right information. If your original order was placed for the wrong search and no information is found, you mostly likely won't be charged, however if you know the information or search was wrong, please contact us immediately by email at our email address.

Q: How will I receive the results of my search?

A: You will receive the results of your search by email unless you specified otherwise at the time you place the order. This has proven as the fastest and most convenient means of delivery for most clients. Please make sure we have your complete and correct email address. Without a working email address, we may be unable to deliver the results of your search promptly. Providing a working email address is the responsibility of the client.
If you prefer to receive the results of your search by fax or regular mail, please provide your fax number and/or send us a separate email with your invoice number in the subject line and complete mailing address.

Q: How soon will I receive the results?

A: Please review the "Estimated Turn Around Time" for each search. Most are completed and results delivered within 1 - 10 business days of receipt of order and payment unless otherwise noted. Results will be sent to you as soon as they become available. Please note that our "turn around" times are ESTIMATED based on an average of searches performed. Each investigation or search is unique and may require additional time. The turn around times are just an estimation and should not be construed as a "dead line" for your order to be completed.
The processing of all orders is as expedient as possible. Unfortunately, inquiring about the status of your order will not result in faster processing. We want to serve you as quickly as possible. The moment we have the information, we will email it to you.

Q: Can I get an update or progress report on my order.

A: Yes you can. If you have paid for Telephone or Email Consultations.The searches we offer online are for the most part a "flat fee" search. We offer them that way in order to save the client money. If you require updates or progress reports or other email or telephone consultations it is billed at $75 per hour. Please include the Order number for your Telephone or Email Consultations in the subject line of all correspondence so that your account can be billed accordingly.

Q: Are the searches confidential?

A: YES, Absolutely, Positively. All EmailRevealer.com searches are completely confidential. EmailRevealer.com will never make our clients' information available to a third party.

Q: Will the person I requested information about know that I am trying to find his/her information?

A: No, never. EmailRevealer.com never contacts the owners of phone numbers searched. The owner has no way of knowing about the search or who ordered it. The same holds true for any type of search we provide -- no one will know about your search unless you tell them yourself.

Q What is a trap line?

A. A trap line is a telephone number equipped with Call Capture or Automatic Number Identification (ANI).
While similar to Caller ID. A trap Line cannot be blocked using *67.

Q. How do I set up a trap line?

A. Simple
Step 1. You simply place an order at this link.Provide a number you want your incoming calls to "ring to" and an email where you want to receive email notifications of the incoming caller's unblocked telephone number.
You will receive an email with your trap line number.

Step 2. You forward your incoming calls to that number using a standard call forwarding feature provided by your carrier.

Step 3. Test your trap line. Call the incoming number that is receiving the harassing calls. Check to see if the phone rings at your ring to number. Check to see if you received an email notification of the incoming callers phone number..

Q. What about Caller ID spoofing? Will A trap line be able to detect the real caller information

A. There is no way to know for sure until the system is tested. There are hundreds of different methods used to spoof caller ID.

Q. Will an EmailRevealer.com trap line work on a cellular phone.

A. Yes.

Q. Can the number I forward to the trap line be the same number as the "ring to" number?

A. NO, these must be two different phone numbers. If you forward the incoming calls to the trap line then have them ring to the original number it will create an endless loop and the phone will never ring.

Q. Can I change the outgoing greeting ?

A. Yes for $10 per month extra.

Q. Can I get some consultation on the best way to use a trap line for my personal situation.

A. Yes for $75 an hour.

Q. How do I cancel my trap line rental.

A. You must give us 30 days notice to cancel. An email will suffice. Please be sure to put your order number in the subject line of all correspondence.

Q. Are there any hidden charges?

A. You will be billed 10 cents per minute for every incoming call. A deposit may be required.